Nov. 25 2013

Well hidey HO stranger!! It’s been another crazy week in Korea. I forgot to say last week that it snowed here! The weather has been really crazy, I think it might be a side effect of the huge tsunami in the Phillipines? Anyway, last week we tried giving our investigator Kim Ir Hwan a baptismal commitment for his kids, but he denied because he originally denied his OWN baptismal INTERVIEW. When he was asked the question about Joseph Smith, he didn’t want to be baptized. So the interview was cancelled. We talked about why he stopped the interview, he said that he didn’t like the "name" thing, where people give credit to People instead of the Lord, etc. THen we explained that that wasn’t the case, GOD restored the church and we only ask that question to see if they believe in the restoration.
Anyway, other than that we found alot of potential investigators, so this coming week we will meet with them. YAY! Okay, sorry, I don’t have alot of time today. Gotta go. Love you all!!


Elder Smith


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