Nov. 18 2013

Hello everybody!!
This week was an interesting week. A little disappointing, but still rewarding and fun. This week we we’re able to meet with any of our investigators, but we were able to talk to our youth leaders about the musical stuff and work out a way to get a TON of referrals! We’re having a dessert party for the youth in December and then, we committed the kids to bring at least one of their friends to the party and they all said they would! YAY!!!!!!! The leaders said for us to make a list of their friends and always to remind them at every practice to bring their friends. So that’s pretty amazing.

This week we had Stake conference. It was a special broadcast for the whole of Korea and they talked a lot about Family and MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!! yay! So, just like all of the missionaries have been feeling here recently, member missionary work will explode and get into gear soon. It’s already happening down south in Gwangju, but it’s still pretty here in the North. Anyway, we’re excited!

There’s a funny thing that happened this past week while we were going to a member’s house for dinner. We were about to cross a street so we were waiting at a stoplight. While we were waiting we saw this lady running across the crosswalk towards us, with a purse in her hands, flailing her arms like a crazy person. She finally got across the street and started staring at us(of course, it’s always the missionaries…haha)then she started dancing and singing this awesome old korean song and acted absolutely crazy!! But when she was done, she started talking to us and said that just because of stress she just had to let it all out. It was hilarious. I’ll see if I can steal the video from the other elder taht was with us.Okay, gotta go. Love you all!!!


Elder Smith


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