Nov. 11 2013

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Oh, you scared me…

So, to make up for last week,(since I didn’t write last week, sorry…) I’ll talk briefly about what we did for the exciting,frightening week of Halloween!!
So here in Cheonan, we are blessed with a big ward of 130 people or so. So that means that we have a lot of youth and single adults. We decided then to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and put on a Ultimate, Scary, unmeasurably fun Halloween Party! We put alot of our attention, and used all 10 missionaries’ brains to make the best party we could.
So, we decided to make a "Spook alley". We used the ultra-scary upstairs hallway of our church and decorated it using decorations we got from a member and used one fo the rooms as a "scaring room" This is where the persom has to walk through and get scared by the people hiding or dressed in costumes. We had a flickering TV with Super scary drone music playing and the sister missionaries sitting watching the TV with their hair covering their faces, etc. It went really well, and it was hilarious to see the kids get freaked out! We have an Elder in our district, he’s really big and can scream really high and loud. So he hid right outside the exit door and freaked the people out as they came out! It was awesome.
Anyway, we also had them do the feel-the-scary-things-in-the-dark thing. I can’t remember what it’s called…haha! But anway, it was really fun. Then downstairs, we had a dance party and other games like bobbing for apples and "Draw the Face on the Jack-O-lantern" But, yeah, it was a true success. Our members loved it, and were really suprised, so they want us to put on a Christmas party.

Oh, that reminds me of what’s going on right now in Cheonan ward….the youth leaders and youth have decided to put on a musical!! They ahve decided to do "Les Miserables"! And so they just had auditions and have started practicing already. They’re going to perform it at Christmas time. But there’s something else, they have asked me and my companion to help them. They want me to teach them the songs and my companion to do the accompaniment! It’s such a coincidence, right before my mission, I did just the same thing with the same age of kids…anyway, yesterday was the first practice. It was hilarious!!! Because, they all can’t speak english and they all have to sing the songs in English! So what my companion and I decided to do was, learn the melody first, then write everything down in what’s called, "Konglish" or rather, Korean-English. So what that is, is english words pronounced through the Korean Alphabet. Anywya, if you know anything about Les Mis, you probably know the first song, "At the end of the Day"….they have to sing that….in English….So when we first practiced, they learned the melody really well, then when they got to the english, they just read off the Konglish!! HAHAHA!! It sounded SO Korean, but they did reallly good! it was just funny to hear them sing it. It reminded me of "A Christmas story" where the Asian guys sing the carol! HAHAHA! But our plan for this musical, is to turn it into a referral MACHINE! We’ll see what comes of it.

Anyway, our investigator Kim Ir Hwan is doing okay, we’re going to try visit him with a member from another ward who’s a professor and scriptorian. Hopefully he will understand then. We’re thinking about teaching him about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and why we don’t really have the ability to interpret the scriptures without revelation from God. Stuff like that. OH! Something cool is going to happen here in the Korea, Daejeon mission in December! NEW YORK TIMES is coming to our mission to stay a day with one of the sister missionary companionships and will write an article about us missionaries and sister missionaries. Back in the 80’s they did the same thing with missionaries down in Africa. Anyway, we have no idea why the church picked our mission, we’re not even a high baptizing mission, if anything, we’re one of the lowest. But we’re all excited, and preparing like crazy. So maybe, in december or January, if you check New york times website, or something, you’ll see the article!
Cool huh?
Anyway, gotta go. Love you all!


Elder Smith
스미스 장로


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