Oct. 28 2013

AH! it’s already the end of OCTOBER!! Somebody stop time please! It’s starting to go too fast!!!! Seriously, I looked just last night(when the transfer ended) at the planners i had, I already have 7 plus one from the MTC…I’m so old and it doesn’t even feel like I’m that old! Ah! But its totally okay, because I’ve still got more than a year! WHOO!
Anyway, this week wasn’t the crazy amazing week I was hoping would happen, but it was still pretty cool. While we were going to a dinner appointment at one of our members house, we met a couple elementary/middle school kids right outside the apartment complex and got talking to them about our english program. They were funny, when we said I was from Idaho, they started calling me 감자 아저씨 or "Potato Man" it was hilarious! But anyway, we set up an appointment with them this week and met with them. When we met we invited them to church, and made all the plans to meet them at the bus stop on sunday and everything, but on Sat. one of the kids said his Mom said he couldn’t talk to us anymore and the other kid never texted us back. Darn. But it’s okay, cause two of our other investigators came to church!! yay! They are the kids of our "golden investigator". We’re going to meet with them tonight and set a baptism date with them. yay!!!! So that’ll be cool.

Also a crazy thing happened today, nothing too special, well, I don’t know. Anyway, while we were heading out today to do email and everything else, we were walking out of our apartment complex when a lady passed by us. She kept looking at me funnily and staring at me. I looked at her and bowed and said hello. When I saw her, I recognized her but I didn’t know where I saw her before. Then she said, "Oh, so you came here huh?" Then kept on walking. I said something, I can’t remember, but then i just said, "have a good day!" But I walked away trying to figure out where I saw her before. After about 5min, I finally figured it out. She was the mom of one of our investigators in Jeongeup!!! Almost 7months ago! i only met her once!! But I remembered who she was, and she lives(uncoincidently) in our apartment complex!! It’s crazy! But I don’t know which aprtment she lives in exactly. I’ll figure it out, or the Lord will show me, but I’ll find her! Anyway, that’ll be it for the week. I gotta go. Bye, love you!!


Elder Smith


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