Oct. 21 2013

Hidy HO!
How’s everyone? here in Korea, it’s starting to get colder and colder. At night I have to wear a big blanket now, and we’re also wearing suits. So that’s fun.
Last week, we went to a cool historic site nearby our city called 현충사 (Hyun choong sa) which is just a buddhist shrine thing and also a memorial site for a famous general in the 1400s. His original house is still there. So it was SO cool. I’ll try to send maybe a picture or two. Anyway, this week we met again with our investigator, Kim Ir Hwan. We talked about a BUNCH of stuff. We invited him to repent and to keep praying. He siad he’s been having a hard time with something, we’re assuming it’s his smoking problem and then he said that he didn’t really want to be baptized just cause he was baptized in a different church and was having too hard of a time with this thing he’s struggling with. AH! NO! That’s what baptism is for, so you can be clean! So we’ll talk to him more about it and hopefully set a date with him next time. Like I said last time, his kids always come out to church, but he never does just cuase he’s busy(at least that’s what he says…). Anyway, I know he’ll get baptized, just getting him there is the hardest journey, so it might take some time.

Today is transfer day! But our calls haven’t come in yet, so I have no Idea if I’ll be transferring or not. We’ll see…
This next week should be a really aweesome week. A couple weeks ago, we met a guy Kim Young Rae, He’s a college student that was really interested in teh church. But just cuase of tests, he hasn’t been able to meet. So this week we are going to meet him and he said taht he would come out to church!!! Yay!!!! Then, as we were doing a proselyting activity 2 weeks ago, a guy came up behind one of the other elders and gave him a huge hug. He was apparently a previous investigator just recently(right before I got to Cheonan) and wasn’t able to meet becuase of tests. He said he wanted to meet again adn said to call him this week! yay!! New investigator!! So, this week should be a really good week. I can’t wait to tell you about it next week! Okay, I love you all! Have a wonderful week!


Elder Smith

PS. I finally got my transfer call, I’m staying here in Cheonan with my companion 박인오(Pak, In Oh)


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