Sept 23 2013

Well darn tootin! How ya been?

Haha! So this week was very interesting…it was the 2nd biggest holiday in Korea. 추석(Choosuk)! All it is is basically Korean thanksgiving. Everyone goes to their hometown, which is usually where their ancestors graves are, and eat a LOT of food together as a family. People in Korea usually used to live in the same place as their ancestors, they would never move very far if not at all. Now it’s different, but they still visit the graves. Anyway, then the other tradition of Choosuk is that the grandparents give money to their grandchildren.
So during Choosuk, which is usually like 3 days, just because of travel, we as missionaries have NOTHING to do because EVERYONE is gone. There is no one on the streets, all the shops are closed down and to visit anyone would be rude. So what our mission president had us do is to get together as districts or zones and have a 3 day training! And then a P-day on the actual Choosuk day. We basically did practice teaching to eachother for the most part, then we discussed together about learning the language and just how to be abetter missionary. It was so cool! I learned a lot.

Other than that, nothing spectacular happened. It was actually kind of disappointing this week. I kinda got depressed about it all the other night. All of our investigators are either avoiding us or can’t meet with us, so I have to figure out what we can to fill up our time effectively and since it’s my first time being a senior/trainer I’m still new to planning effectively and I’m also new to the area, it’s been a rough ride that’s for sure. But I’m not alone. That’s what I felt. In everyday, I feel the help of the Lord and feel his support and love. It’s wonderful. Like yesterday on Sunday, as I was talking to members after church, I wanted to introduce our new "Family English Program" with the Young Mens and Young Womens leaders so that we could find some youth or singles taht were interested so they coud learn english and possibly refer a friend eventually. So as I was talking, I noticed that the words coming out of my mouth were flowing naturally as if they weren’t my own words! I was surprised. It was so cool! So I know that I’m not alone, as long as I rely on the Lord. Anyway, I love you all! I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Smith

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