Sept 16 2013

Annyoung Haseyo! There’s Konglish/Engrean for you…

So random fact about Koreans that I found interesting: They like to have expensive things and rarely keep things for a long time. Like, all the cars here in Korea are REALLY nice!! People usually get a new car every other year or after 5 years or something. They like nice things and aren’t afraid to go into debt for it either. Like, the coffee shop I’m emailing in right now has nice wicker furniture, and really nice computers and everything on the menu is REALLY expensive. It’s just a normal coffee shop, but everything has to be really nice all the time.
Then one of my investigators, Joe/ 박찬선, just got a new BMW the other week! He already had a NICE car!! He’s crazy! But he is pretty well off…

Anyway, this week was okay. Actually, kinda crazy. Since it was transfer week, we could barely get anything effective done. Elder Hansen had to pack his bags and clean up his desk and everything. He is opening up a new area right next to Cheonan, called Onyang. The branch found him a house on the 4th floor of a decent apartment building. The reason I say "decent" is becuase it doesn’t have an elevator, so he has to haul everything, his bags, his furniture, all the kitchen equipment, etc. up the 4 flights of stairs. Don’t worry, we helped him do it. Which leads me to the other problem he had. The apartment, when we first got there, it was disgustingly dirty. There wasn’t anything in it, but everything was dirty, teh kitchen had a coat of grease and the floors were really dirty. So all the Cheonan elders and Elder Hansen and his new Greenie got together to help clean the apartment. It took 2 days…It was bad. But everything is okay and clean now!
The other stress for Elder Hansen is that they still don’t have beds at their new house yet! So they have been sleeping over at our house for these past couple days. Haha!

Oh!! I forgot to tell you about my new companion!! His name is 박인오(Pak In Oh) He’s really funny and skinny, but handsome! His English skill is about where my Korean is. So it’s really nice at Language study, we talk about a topic, he speaks only in English and I only speak in Korean! It’s really fun! He corrects me and I correct him. Last time we talked about the verbs for clothing, cause they’re all different in Korean. (Like, to take off a ring is different from taking off your belt.) Anyway, He’s from 풍단 ward in Seoul. Which is actually just a subway ride away, a long subway ride though, like 2 hours. Anyway, he’s been a greenie for a month or so now. So I have to finish his training. But it’s really hard, because I don’t really know how to even teach an American how to do missionary work! So it’s definitively been a learning experience for sure. He’s really cool about it all though, which helps. He understands, and he works hard. So I hope everything goes well.
As for my Korean ability, I’ve have been surprising myself lately! I’m actually able to carry on a decent conversation now! It’s so cool! Thank you for all the prayers!! They’re helping!

So this coming week will be VERY interesting…this week is…bum bum BUM!!! CHOO SUK!! 추석. This is 2nd biggest holiday in Korea. EVERYONE celebrates it. It’s basically teh Korean version of Thanksgiving. They just eat, and eat and eat, and eat, and EAT! I’ve heard stories of missionaries in the past eating on Choo suk…they couldn’t eat for a couple days just becuase they ate SO much! Anyway, so for Choo suk, everyone in Korea gets together with their families and that means everyone leaves somewhere. So that means, for missionaries, nothing can happen…for days. So what President decided to do is, have the zone get together to work on Language and practice role-playing, etc. So that’ll be FUN!

Okay gotta go! I love you all!

Elder Smith

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