Sept. 9 2013

Hi!So this week was a weird and awesome week, full of adventures and excitement! One of the weird things was…Elder Hansen and I on Saturday got to visit his dad! Huh? Is that even allowed? That’s what we thought too. Elder Hansen got an email from his dad saying he was coming to Korea. So elder hansen thought it was cool and then shrugged it off. Then later that week, we saw our mission pres. at a leadership training meeting and he asked Elder Hansen if he wanted to see his dad. Haha! So elder hansen hesitantly said, "Yes?" So we did. Oh, one cool story. When we were waiting for him at the train station, a guy came up to us, asked if we were mormons, took the Book of Mormon out of Elder Hansen’s hand, asked if we had a phone number, I gave it to him and then he left…haha! Then he came out of the bathroom a couple minutes later, asked when church was, then we got his phone number. Then he left as if nothing special happened. We were absolutely dumb-founded the entire time!! Haha! But anyway, elder hansen’s dad is SO HUGE. He’s 6 foot 4 and weighs over 300lbs.!! So we took him to a MEAT Buffet!! That’s where you cook your own meat and LOTS of it! Haha! So then later on that day, we met with one of our members and she took us to a "Wellbeing Expo"! It was cool. They had exhibits from a bunch of different countries and different foods and cultural dances and stuff like that. Dang it! I need to send you pictures. You’re starving. I keep forgetting to bring my cord for my camera…sorry. Anyway, so we were planning on leaving the expo so we could get to our English class, but our member didn’t let us leave, she was our ride! Oh well. But everything turned out well, the other elders took over well.
One thing that hit me while we were walking around, I thought, "What if my Mom or Dad or one of my brothers was here, how much differently would I act? How much harder would I work?" Cause throughout the day, his dad kept on saying, "Smith! When are you gonna give out that Book of Mormon?!" It bugged me, cause I wanted to, I tried to, but with a 300lb american following us all day, all the Koreans were scared and would just stare at him. But it made me think, I had to try even harder to talk to people. I decided I needed to act as if one of you were with me all day asking, "When are you gonna give out that Book of Mormon LeVan?!" Haha! But anyway, then yesterday I taught my first entire lesson by my self and no help from Elder Hansen. It was at a members house, practicing after a dinner appointment. I surprised myself. I knew more Korean than I thought I did! It was so cool! I’ve been having confidence problems, especially in teaching, but that boosted my confidence a lot. It was perfect. Then after that, we went out to proselyte. While we were walking, we almost passed by a kid, when all 3 of us turned around to talk to each other. Haha! It was weird and funny, but we knew that it was the Spirit that told us to turn around because we ended up talking a while with him and got his phone number and taught him about the BoM, gave it to him. He loved it! He went home and later on that night, he started texting us and said he loved the book! He’s soooo cool! I can’t wait to meet with him later! Which leads me to the next point….today we got transfer calls!!! Can you guess what happened? Probably not huh? Haha! Anyway, I’m staying here in Cheonan! But my companion is changing, I’m going to be with a Korean, half-training him. So that means I’m taking over the area! Whoo! Stress!! Anyway, that’ll be fun. I’ll get to speak Korean 24/7! Haha! Okay, well I have to go. I love you all!


Elder Smith

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