Sept 2 2013

Hidy Ho!

This week has been one of extraordinary proportions! This has been the COOLEST week EVER!!!’

So the coolest thing that has happened so far on my mission happened this week…So here’s the story.
This past tuesday was Zone Conference, where the Mission Pres. comes down with the APs and we discuss things and we get trained and stuff like that. So during this, the church phone rings. It never rings, so one of the Korean sisters goes over to the phone, picks it up and talks to the guy. We go back to listening to Pres. as she keeps talking. Once she’s done, she goes over to my companion and I and says, " 소개" Which means "referall" in english! So we’re kinda freaking out cause we’re so excited, then she says "It’s a Buddhist Monk." Huh?? What?! How are we supposed to teach a MONK?! So later on the week, we call him and set up an appointment. He wants to learn English as well as learn about the Mormons…So when he shows up at the appt. he of course shows up in his normal Buddhist monk outfit, which is all gray and he has a shaved head. He is the coolest guy!! He’s always smiling! But the greatest part is that he brought a friend, he’s from Japan and is a Monk as well. They are going to go to New York to teach Meditation. So as we meet we got to know them a little more. So we asked why they want to teach Meditation, they said that they want people to understand each others religions, so through Buddhists learning christian methods of prayer and such, and christians learning meditatiton.
But the best part of this all is….they believe in God and Jesus Christ…..they recognize him as the Savior of the world and redeemer of mankind. We were shocked and utterly fascinated. They explained throughout the lesson. It was basically the same as our doctrine, except with a twist somewhere. I hope in the future they will understand fully. Anyway, they accepted the Book of Mormon with a zeal and interest. We invited them to read some of it.

Okay, I gotta go. I love you all!


Elder Smith

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