Aug. 26 2013


So this week wasn’t very exciting, but last night we had a dessert party with the singles in our ward! so that made up for the less exciting times. Earlier this week, all the missionaries in Cheonan, 2 sisters and 4 elders, got together and planned everything. We played a couple games and had banana splits. It was really good! We played a game called "telephone charades"…you can onlyguess what that means….what it is, is it’s like the game telephone, but instead of speaking in the person’s ear, you act it out. everyone stands in a line facing away from eachother so they don’t see the other people acting, then when they get tapped on the shoulder by the person behind them, they turn around and watch, then they have to think about what it is, then act out what they think it is to the next person in line. It was hilarious!! Anyway, this week we met one of our less actives who’s really good at pingpong; I tried playing against him…I lost. Oh, that’s one thing that’sdifferent in Korea. Ping pong paddles. When I first got to Korea, I heard that Pingpong is really popular, so I was excited to play and was expecting the regular paddle, like in america. But to my surprise, they were totally different. What it looks like is, the face of the paddle is basically the same, except, one side has a rubber face adn the other side has just wood.(I don’t know if the american paddles are like that…)anyway, then for the handle. The handle is the most different. Instead of just a straight handle to just grab, it has a thick handle that you wrap your index finger around the top. It’s all padded with cork and is pretty cool to play with once you get good iwth it. I plan on buying one…=) They’re so fun to play with. Anyway, on other news, our investigator Lee Jae Hyuk is doing great, he came to church yesterday and we kinda left him with the youth alot so he could develop some relationships with them. He liked it. He’s going to go to their Soccer activity this weekend. We taught him the whole first lesson pretty simply, so hopefully he’ll understand well enough and keep his baptismal date. He’s awesome.
Okay, gotta go. I love you all. I hope everything goes well at the reception! I’m sure it’ll be amazing cause Julie, Pam, and Mom are taking the reins! Okay, bye!


Elder Smith

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