August 19 2013

I really can’t believe it’s August. Everything just flies by like I don’t even get to reflect back on what just happened!! Bah! I just wish things would slow down so I can figure out what’s going on! haha! One quick lesson on Korean that I have neglected to teach you, which is the most important thing for my readers to understand. Korean has it’s own alphabet and it’s really hard to Romanize korean so you’ve probably seen me write in korean in past letters. So I’ll teach you a little bit of the Korean alphabet….ready? I’ll teach you the name of the city I’m in. The first letter is: ㅊ this letter makes the "ch" sound. Like "chive". Then there’s the vowel: ㅓ this makes the "uh" sound. Like "bump". Then the next letter is: ㄴ this makes the "nn" sound. Like "nice, ben". Then in the next character there’s what’s called the "silent consonant" this makes no sound if it’s at the beginning of a character, but makes the "ng" sound if at the end. So if wanted to wanted to say "chung" we would write it: 청 it’s pretty simple. Anyway, then the next vowel: ㅏ this is the sound, "ah" like in "Mom, or art" So from these letters you can pronounce the name of the city I’m in: 천안. Anyway, on to business.

This week was fun. It was my birthday! My district got us Cheesecake and then later on at night, the other 3 guys in my house got us the most american pizza!! They got it from E-mart Traders. E-mart used to be Walmart, but then they went out of business, so E-mart bought them out. Something like that, but they have a bunch of American products and what not and E-Mart Traders is basically like a Costco with the cheap HUGE pizzas and stuff like that. So that’s what they got.

A couple days ago, Elder Hansen and I met with one of our investigators, 이재혁 (Lee, Jae Hyuk). He’s a Jr. high school student that likes to play Ping-pong with us. So we played Ping-pong with him for a while, and then we finally calmed him down enough to teach him something. So we taught him about the BoM and we invited him to be baptized. While Elder Hansen was talking, I looked down at the BoM in his hand and I just got this awesome, overwhelming feeling that the BoM was true. I’ve already had this kind of feeling before, but at the time I was like, "Is he feeling this too?!" It was so cool! Then we showed him the Baptismal font and right from then, his countenance changed. He was asking alot of questions and getting kind of excited. After we sat back down, we asked him if he would get baptized on Sept. 9th and he accepted!!! I was so excited! I almost wanted to hug him! This was the closest that any one of my investigators has been to baptism so far in my mission. It was so cool to see him take that step. But yeah, that was one of our meetings this week.

This whole week, actually this whole month has been REALLLLLLY HOT and HUMID. Just a ocuple weeks ago, the record was broken for the hottest it’s been in the last 30years! Let’s just say I have been sweating like a PIG for the past 2 or 3 months now. Every day I get home and I have to take all my clothes off just to get cool and I have to sleep with a fan on me all night and no clothes as well. Well, except for Gs ofcourse. Then I have to carry around a big fan with me everywhere I go. It’s super hot. All the time. Ugh.

Okay, gotta go. I love you all! I hope you have a great week!


Elder Smith

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