July…wait…August, (whoah…) 8th 2013

Man, it’s already august? Where is the time going?! I felt like just yesterday it was May or something! They say that after your 3 Transfer or so, everything starts to go faster. At least, it seems like it does. Anyway, so I’m here in Cheonan! Yay! It is a lot different than my other areas. This is a moderately big city, compared to Iksan and Jeongeup which are considered 시골 or "countryside". Its a lot different, but its just as amazing!! My new companion, Elder Hansen is hilarious and an amazing Zone Leader! He’s teaching me a lot and we’re working hard. My first MLC or Missionary Leadership Council is this Wednesday, that’s when all the Zone Leaders and Assistant Zone Leaders get together with the Assistant to the Presidents and the Mission President to discuss things about the mission. We had to prepare all this week for it, setting our zone focuses and what our action plan is. It’s pretty fun.

Anyway, yesterday was a shocker for me. Usually I was used to about 20-50 members at church, but here it’s about double if not triple that number!! I didn’t know what to do!! I introduced myself to as many people as I could, but I didn’t get through everybody, there was SO many! I’m excited to get to know them more, and work with them as much as possible.

But thats the problem, these members are not as fired up about missionary work as all the other areas it seems like…what’s it like in America? I’ve always wondered. Has there been a noticeable difference in the desire to do member missionary work? Cause it seems like here in Korea, there’s at least a little increase of fire, especially down South in Gwangju. The stakes down there have just recently created a huge missionary goal and a new focus on it. But up here in the north, there has been no change. ALL the missionaries here are WAY fired up and everyone is pushing with all their strength to get something done here. So, here in Cheonan, there’s 4 elders and 2 Sisters for one ward, and we’re all working together on getting members fired up about missionary work. We’re coming up with great ideas and are all willing to put in everything for these members to help us out and give referrals. Anyway, I’ll tell you how things are going with that in later emails.

Anyway, one cool thing that we’re doing here in this Zone that I thought was way cool, is their activity that they’ve been doing for a month now that’s been pretty effective. That is, for the time between each Combined district meeting, which is usually about a month or so, each companionship gives out a whole box of BoMs which is about 40!! Then, every time they give out a BoM, they text everyone in their district. It’s way fun and reminds everyone about giving out BoMs. Its way fun!

Okiedokie, gotta go. I love you all!!


Elder Smith

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