July 15 2013

So today is gonna be short. Sorry

This week was \so cool! Just last night we had missionary coordination with our bishop and our ward mission leader. We had sam gyup sal for dinner!! Ummmmmm. Yummy. it’s like thick, thick bacon cooked right before you eat it. How you eat it is you take the meat and you put it on a piece of lettuce, put some rice on it, then what ever else you want to. I usually put some 고추장(hot pepper sauce), or 쌈장(soybean suace and hot pepper sauce??) on it. It’s awesome!! Anyway, we talked about Pres Shin’s new goal for the Daejeon misison area, that is, 2000 members for each stake. Right now, our stake has 300 or so members in it….we have a long way to go, and we have to work SO hard. But anywya, we talked about our investigators and member work and some other things.

While we went to bishops house, I had to sit on a pot. Haha! So, our ward mission leader took us to the house, which is SOOO far away, and he didn’t have any seats in the back of his van, so….I sat on a pot. it was so hard. I kept on rolling back and forth and almost fell off at times. Haha! Anyway, then when we got to bishops house…so there’s this one thing about Korea and spiders. I’m sure Spencer knows what I’m tlaking about…they get HUGE. And so when we got there, we were SURROUNDED with these HUGE spiders…Iwas terrified. As we walked around the bishops farm, I saw the most hideous and freaky looking spiders I have ever seen. They were in my nightmares alright… Anywya, our investigators are great, not much to talk about with them, it’s always slow with them it seems like. Okay, gotta go. I Love you all!!


Elder V. LeVan Smith

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