July 8 2013

Well, happy birthday AMERICA!! I wanted so bad to say that on the 4th….it’s a little awkward though…anyway…

Here in Korea rainy season finally came. It was supposed to come a couple weeks ago, but it didn’t…so it finally came. And let me tell you….it came. This past week, I have not felt dry. Everything is wet. My clothes are wet, my sheets are wet, my clothes don’t dry when I pull them out of the washer, my shoes are wet, and I went through about 3 umbrellas already….so that’s 장마.(Jang-ma, rainy season) Anyway, this week for missionary work has been, to tell the truth, hard. We had to drop a couple investigators, and we couldn’t meet with the ones we had. Koreans are REAAALLY busy. I don’t get it. Why are they so busy? Anyway, this past week has been one on my knees so to say. There needs to be a miracle. Bad. We’ve been working SO hard, everyday we come back EXHAUSTED. We try everything we can to meet with investigators, but there’s always something that prevents them from coming. But on the bright side of things, we met with our new Mission president and his wife this past thursday. They are amazing!!!!! They spoke basically the entire time, in Korean. I was suprised how much I knew! I understood about 50% of what they were saying!!! It was awesome! Anyway, for a 70yr old, he had a TON of energy. I can tell that things are going to change and pick up here in the Daejeon area of Korea! Anyway, sorry I can’t write more. I loved all the letters!! Don’t worry if you can’t send one, it’s ok. I know you’re busy, I still love you all! I hope you all have a great week!


Elder V. LeVan Smith

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