July 1 2013


So this week, we will lose one of our most beloved people here in the mission. Our mission President, Pres. Furniss and his beloved wife, Sis. Furniss are leaving to return home today. Awwww, darn. But, they are being immediately replaced by my outstanding and amazing MTC President and his wife, President and Sister Shin!! Rendered in Korean, “신회장님과 신자매님” (President 신, pron. “sheen”). They are both native Koreans. He was the VICE PRESIDENT of SAMSUNG!!!! So I guess you could say they are, “부자”. Or, rich. They are the sweetest couple and he is fluent in both korean and english. He is in his 70s and she is in her 60s. I am SO excited for them to come here, we’re going to go down to Gwangju this next week to do an “인사 tour. An
“introduction”, greeting tour. I can’t wait to see them!!!! They are both so amazing! But I’m also really sad that the Furniss’s are leaving. They were amazing to me and gave me so much advice and counsel. I loved hearing from them. They will be missed. Anyway, I forgot to mention this past week about our investigators here in Iksan. We met with our Canadian friend, Edward this past saturday. It was kinda disappointing though. So, the past couple visits we had with him, he was AMAZING! He was searching for the truth and was looking around all the churches and school of thoughts etc, and so he decided to meet with us as well. We gave him a BoM and invited him to read and pray about it and meet with us the next week. He accepted and over the next couple meetings, we set a Baptismal date with him!!!!!! But, then we found out that his boss at work, an english acadamy, is his preacher at the Baptist church he attends, and he teaches the Sunday school there at 10am, the same time as our sacrament meeting… So basically he said, “if I start attending this church, I lose my job.” So this past meeting, we pleaded with him to at least keep meeting with us and not to close the door just yet. This next month, he’s going to go on a vacation back to Canada, so we asked him to attend church in Canada at least once and tell us how it was when he gets back. So we’ll see how that turns out. But, we had to drop his date unfortunately. Darn. Anyway, we’re trying all we can to get our members to meet with our investigators. That is our #1 focus over everything right now. That reminds me, how many of you saw the World-wide leadership broadcast about missionary work this past week? Cause it has everything to do with MEMBER WORK. Ok, this is my plea as a missionary, if you don’t have a friend to think about sharing the gospel to, GET ONE NOW. There will be missionaries ALL over the globe thirsting for referrals and pleading for people to meet. Missionaries are not just robots walking on the streets or knocking on doors. We are TEACHERS, we PREACH the gospel of Jesus Christ, we SHARE our testimonies with PEOPLE. This is my PLEA, start thinking about someone, NOW. Please. Start praying for them. Serve them, give them something to think about, share your testimony. Those aren’t hard. You don’t have to teach them the lessons, that’s why we have missionaries. Anyway, please start thinking about someone because there will be missionaries all over the world starving for people to meet if you don’t.

Ok, gotta go. I LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a fantastic week!!


Elder Smith

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