June 17 2013


How is everyone? It sounds like everyone is pretty busy! Lots of stuff going on and excting things happening! Congratulations Spencer! And Alice!! Wooo! I’m so excited for you guys!!! I’ll be expecting pictures…sorry I haven’t sent a lot of pictures. Or, any….it’s really hard to send pictures over email cause they’re so big. I’ll prbably send a special email or 2 or 3 with just pictures on it to make up for the lack of pics these past couple months. Sorry. Anyway, this week has been a miracle week!!! One miracle that sorta started it was that we finally got a ward mission leader!! Woo! Before, we would just meet with the Bishop, but now, we’ll be able to go to the new ward mission leader! He’s a new convert that was baptized last Sept. He’s hilarious!! His name is 문영수(Moon, young soo). Whenver we meet him, he always practices his english with us. And whenever he says something in english, he always asks, “Perpect?” Cause he can’t pronounce his “F”s. Haha!!! Then every once in a while, he says, while getting closer to your face to check pronunciation, “Per…ffffect?” It’s hilarious!!! Anyway, that was the first miracle. Then the next miracles happened ALL in one day. We met with our investigator, Edward, and set a bap. date with him!! He’s awesome, I think I talked about him previously, but yeah, he’s awesome. Then, we ate dinner with our Bishop at his house. We had Steak. Yeah that’s right. STEAK. That’s probably the most expensive thing you can eat in Korea. All meat is expensive, but steak….it’s pretty pricy. Anyway, it was DELICOUSSSS. Then after that, as we were going home, we decided to proslyte for a few min. I’m SOOOO glad we did! We met this one guy who is SO sincere and basically wants to meet whenver possible and as much as possible to learn about the BOM. THENNNN, as we were talking to him, his friends come out of the building he was waiting in front of, and we start talking to them. Come to find out, the mom is MORMON!! She’s from the Philipines but didn’t know if the church was here in Korea so she just attended a different church. It was truly a miracle. She’s going to come to churhc this sunday!!! Wooo! So, hopefully all will fall into place. Anyway, gotta go. Oh yeah, today is transfer calls, but we havent’ gotten them yett……so I guess you’ll find out next week. Okay, bye!! Love you all!!!!


Elder V. LeVan Smith

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