Apr. 29 2013

Dear friends and family,
Wow this week has been absolutely nuts! (this will be a short letter bytheway…sorry)
On Saturday it was my first time ever in a rice field! it was way fun, we planned to only serve for a couple hours, but….we were there till 7pm…whoops! So we started the day at 8am driving to the field. It was a field owned by one of the members and his family here. Before we started, he asked if my clothes were okay to throw away. I was a little confused, but then got the hint that they were literally going to be destroyed by all the mud. Anyway, he gave me some clothes that we about 3 sizes too small and 4sizes too small to my companion who is bigger than me. haha! We get to the field and we start on the starter trays. So what we did was fill these trays up with this special red dirt then level it out and stack them alongside the field. That took about 4 or so hours. We thought we were done. But no. The next step was to lay them out on the field which was all mud. So we get them all layed out, then we had to lay the seeds. The entire time this was happening, I had no idea what anyone was saying, and they were all yelling at each other and trying to explain to me what I was supposed to do. Agh! I was SOO confused! There was also the really old grandma doing like ten times the amount of work I was doing. She was really active!! She was bent over because of her back, but she was still treading through the mud like it was nothing! Haha! Anyway, right as we started to lay the seed, it started to rain. Then it started getting worse and worse. Sooner or later it was like someone turned on the faucet to full blast! All the while, we were working at full speed and all engines on! I almost fell in the mud a couple times! So once we finished laying all the seed then the dirt on top of the seeds then the bird covers, we get out as quick as possible so we could possibly get to our English class in time. That wasn’t going to happen though. Anyway, we finally finish and head back to the house to wash up. We were totally soaked and mud was all over our legs and I found a deep gash in my foot! Apparently I stepped on a broken piece of glass in the middle of the mud! I didn’t even feel it though because my feet and everywhere on my body was numb. haha! It’s okay now, but there was a little bit of mud in it. Anyway, we get back, having to change our english class to 7:30. Only one person showed up, but she brought a friend. And what’s cool is that she wants to learn about the Gospel!! Way cool! Anyway, that was the highlight of the week. I hope everything went well for all of you! Have another great week and keep smiling! =D

Your Elder,

Elder V. LeVan Smith

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