Apr. 15 2013

Everything down on the homefront sounds like it’s getting VERY exciting!! Wow! You are all going to have a GREAT time at the Extravamanza this year. Lots of planning and preparation to make sure it’s safe and fun. It seems like it gets better and better every year! Wow and mom and dad! You got a new computer?! That must be so cool! Here in Korea, some of the computers also have Windows 8 on them, and even I have a hard time understanding them. Haha! Anyway, I hope everything continues to shine and be amazing in your lives! This week has been a week of progress and learning. Especially right after General Conference.
So for missionaries on Conference, we went up to the Stake Center to see conference in English. All of my zone was there so we had a bunch of fun! So right before it started, before we left our apartment, my companion challenged me to go into conference with a few questions, write them down and he promised that they would be answered. So, I did just that. I wrote down my questions and guess what?? They got answered!! it was so cool! Before my mission, I wasn’t really involved with Conference very much. That was a bad idea. You can learn so much!! And, not only that, it’s modern day revelation for US. I never took advantage of it. I went in there only expecting to answer one question, if not that, but because I listened and prayed right beforehand for the Spirit, every single one of my questions was answered and I can now take that insight and revelation, and solve my problems! I think it’s sooooo cool! I would invite you to always review conference. Make a part of your scripture study.

So after the Saturday conference ended, it was about 8:40 and we had to take a bus back to 정읍(Jungeop, my area) and the elders who were there, wanted us to stay the night. We tried telling them that we had an appointment tomorrow with an investigator and that they might come to Conference, but they weren’t listening(they also took the only money we had left and held it hostage, haha!!) So my companion is trying to negotiate with them to give him his money back so we can get back home, anyway, after about 15min of bantering back and forth and joking with eachother, we finally convinced them to give us the money back. We finally get on a taxi and get to the bus station. Right before we get on the bus, (we had about 20min) my companion notices a guy speaking english to the ticket lady. We could clearly see that he didn’t know Korean and she didn’t know English. So my companion jumps in to save the day. We got the problem solved and then we were able to talk to the guy a little bit more after that. He was from Thailand and was traveling to various parts of Asia on a vacation. It was so cool to help him out and share our message with him. I definitely saw a difference between him and koreans. He was WAY more open and receptive. He listened very intently and was very respectful. Not that koreans aren’t, but Koreans are definitely different than other people. Anyway, I don’t know what kind of effect that experience had on the guy, but no action in missionary work is EVER wasted. I was really cool to help him.

Anyway, I hope you all have an outstanding week and have fun! "Keep on the sunny side of life!" I love you ALL!!!

Elder V. LeVan Smith
스미스 장로

p.s. Sorry if I haven’t replied. I’m trying to keep all my emailing within an hour and I type really slow…and I also could’ve forgot that you sent a letter to me…

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