Apr. 8 2013

So this week was a little stressful, but fun. On tuesday we went to district meeting, the first one directed by my companion. He was really stressed out about it and wanted everything to go perfectly and wanted his training to be awesome. He did great but he still thinks that it wasn’t good enough. He’s sorta like that all the time, he beats up on himself and I try to counsel him about it and try to help him. Our companionship unity has grown these past couple weeks. We hit the bottom a couple weeks ago, but that only meant that it could grow. So we’re really bonding now. Then on Thursday we had to travel all the way up to Daejeon to go to a trainer/trainee meeting with Pres. Furniss and the assistants. We learned alot and I was able to talk to the missionaries who were in the MTC with me again. It was way fun to talk about our experiences and everything.
Then originally we set an appointment with the Kim family to meet at the church on Sunday at 7 but yesterday the dad called and cancelled because the kids were sick. Bummer. BUT, we’re still going to meet with them next week. They’re still really interested, so that’s good.
So everyweek we set the goal as a companionship everyweek to proselyte to at least 140 people everyweek. And that’s hard in 정읍 because there’s like NO people and yesterday, we met at least 3 people we’ve already proselyted to….so of course we followed up again and tried to set an appointment. Anyway, then on friday we had to travel to 군산(Koon-san) so that my companion could interview a lady for baptism! Yay! Her name is Jessica Mack and she lives on the Air Force Base there and is really solid! The elders who taught her were way surprised everyweek because she would not only read the assignment they gave her, but would ask the other members for more to read. So that was cool to meet her. It was also really weird to talk to Americans…Like, when we got on the base, it was way weird and had a little bit of a culture shock. There were like, white people….haha!! You never see white people here! Haha!, so then, as we’re waiting for the interview to be done, the other two elders and me were talking to the members of the ward who were friends with Jessica. It was fun to actually be a part of a conversation for once, in a while at least. They were really funny and used a bunch of american slang I haven’t heard in a long time. Anyway, I have to go. I love you all and have a wonderful week!

Elder V. LeVan Smith

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