Apr. 1 2013


WOW! WOW! WOW!!!! This week has been miraculous!! No joke. I still feel a little mixed up about everything! Everything just happened all at once and we’re having a tough time dealing with it!

So first, the start of the week was kinda rough. My companion had me try what’s called a senior day. That is, I’m senior for a day, so I take over and lead the day and make all the phone calls and schedule everything. Let me tell you, that was the hardest, most frustrating day of my life. And what made it worse, was elder rice had a major headache for the enitre day. It wasn’t very successful that day, I’ll just tell you that. But we definitely learned alot. We’ve progressed as a companionship ever since.
Next. So every once in a while, about once maybe every week, we put up flyers telling about our english class with little slips of papers at the bottom, you know what i’m talking about. You know, with our numbers at the bottom. Anyway, so a BUNCH of people called off of those. In 정읍, no one ever calls off of those, well rarely. So we make appointments with them and they’re all way cool! One of them is a family! THEN, one of our investigators reffered us to one of her friends! They are also a family!!! THEN!!!!, while door knocking, we found ANOTHER FAMILY!!! And this is the best thing that has happened this week!….drum roll please……so the family we found door knocking the first week I came here, the dad didn’t want to do with anything about the church. But last night, he came in, a little drunk, but, he started pouring out all his feelings about us and the church and how they used to be christian, but then they reverted back to Confucianism and now they have no idea anymore, But now, he says that he wants to come to church and repent and basically everything!!!!!!! It was super confusing throughout the entire lesson, but I understood one thing. He wants him and his family to go to church. When I heard that, I almost started crying. All of this literally came out of nowhere and just to see his desire and the family’s unity and desire as well, just filled my heart and I had to keep back the tears. When I first met this family, I knew, right off the bat that they were going to be baptized and that they were going to go to the temple together and be sealed for eternity. I didn’t know how, because the Dad never listened in on any of the lessons, but I still knew. And just to see this miracle, I can’t explain in words how I felt. The gospel changes lives and brings families closer and there’s a love established in the home that cannot be explained. There’s a connection that cannot be explained. The gospel TRULY blesses families. Anyway, that was my week. I hope you all had a great week. Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to everyone’s letters. I’ll try to respond next week. I love you all!

Elder V. LeVan Smith

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