Mar. 18


How is everybody? It’s so nice to hear from you all! And a big announcement that we were just told, missionaries can email anyone they want now! Isn’t that cool, but we still only have an hour to email. They want us to focus on missionary work and not to get distracted. I can get distracted pretty easily, but it’ll be fun to hear from everyone else a little easier though. Anyway, this week has been awesome. Every week as a missionary is awesome! Even though this is only my 3rd week of actual missionary work, it’s so cool to see how the gospel can change and affect lives.
So this week has been sorta like all the other weeks. Appointments have dropped and plans had to be changed. But that’s usual sorta, because one thing about Koreans is, they’re REALLY busy. All the time. High schoolers live at their high school and they only go home about 1 every 2 weeks or something like that. It’s really stressful for them and all the investigators that we had that were high schoolers, we can’t really meet with them anymore because they’re sooo busy. Anyway, I’ll tell you a quick story that happened yesterday. So do you remember the family we found door knocking? Well yesterday we finally met their mom! We taught them english and showed the “Restoration” video. This family just melts my heart. They are so kind and thoughtful. They listen so intently and so lovingly. Yesterday, we were in the middle of making dinner at 5 when the family called and reminded us that the appointment with them was at 5! We thought it was at 8!! So we dropped everything and ran out the door. We get outside and it’s raining. (So cool!!) We hop on our bikes and book it to their house.(which is all the way across town by the way) Usually it takes us about 15 mins to get across town. But this time, it only took us 5 mins or so to get there!! We were really going fast! My legs still hurt, but anyway. We get there and we are basically drenched. We go inside and we’re apologizing and trying to gain their confidence back. The mom is so sweet and hands us a towel to dry ourselves off and offers us something to eat. We do so and they invite us to sit down. We teach them english and they are so good! You can see that the parents really want success for their children. As we show the movie and hand them a Book of Mormon, the Mom is listening very intently. They don’t go to church and they’re not Buddhist. Which is like gold to a missionary in Korea! Anyway, we leave and they try to offer us a ride to our appartment and we decline because we have bikes. They seemed a little disappointed with that but we said goodbye anyway. As we leave, the mom gives us this bread to eat, really good expensive bread. We didn’t want to carry it with us, so we ate it right before we hopped on our bikes. As we’re about to take off, the dad runs out of the building and tells us to jump in the car. We sorta decline, but seeing that it was REALLY raining, we accept. He took us to the church. He is so kind and loving and I can just imagine them being so happy with the gospel someday. It just warms my heart. Anyway, I have to go. I’ll tell more stories next time. I Love you all!!

Elder V. LeVan Smith
스미스 장로

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