Mar. 11 2013

Hello everybody!

It’s so wonderful to hear from you! It sounds like everyone is doing great! I’m so excited for all of you! I have a couple questions, did Bethany have the baby yet? What’s her name? and Who’s Alice?? So, my P-day is Monday. So it would be Sunday at night probably around 8 Mountain time when I send my letters. Anyway, it sounds like your week has been as amazing as my week! There’s just a bunch of stuff going on, but it seems like I’m catching on pretty well.

This week has been a week of miracles!! I’m not kidding, there has been a miracle everyday! I’m pretty sure that God sends His
missionaries miracles everyday of their missions. I just think that some missionaries don’t see them sometimes. Anyway, I’ll tell the amazing stories now…

Okay, so this past week, by looking at all the stats you would think that this area has not been progressing. BUT, its all the preparation that’s the most important. When we re-did the roof, I always think about preparation. It was the hardest, dirtiest, but most crucial part of the job. It was what laid the perfect foundation and let everything fall into place with simplicity and perfection. This is exactly what we’ve been doing this past week. Although we haven’t taught a single lesson with a member this week, we have had AMAZING miracles happen in order for this next week to be the best week ever!

I’ll start off with the first miracle.
So in Korea, whenever missionaries go door-knocking(가가호호), we go to an apartment building and start from the top and go down, stopping at each door on the floor. Usually, the two missionaries would split up and one would do one side and the other missionary do the other. So whenever you knock at a Korean’s door, they don’t answer the door. Like, they don’t open it, they just yell through the door. Usually they yell something like this, “누구세요?” (Who is it?) then the old guys or ladies say “되었” literally, “It became”. It’s weird, but anyway, you almost never get into a house. Ever.
So, my companion was challenging me to door as many doors as I can and he would come in and save the day if need be. Anyway, I knocked at this one door and I was struggling through Korean to get my message out to the guy behind the door. I said that we were missionaries and that we had a message, he was sounding uninterested but then my companion said something about teaching english. He then opened the door, asked a few questions, then invited us to come in. We were a little taken back at first, but eventually tripped over ourselves to get into the door. He asked us a bunch of questions that I obviously didn’t understand, but my companion told him about the 30-30 program we do.(30min english, 30min gospel message) He said that he was interested and he took our number. About 30min after, as we were door-knocking the rest of the apartment, he called and said that he wanted to have us meet him and his family 2 times a week, every week! He has 2 little kids that totally remind me of Aurora and Connor. They act the same and everything! We taught them this past thursday, but canceled on Sunday because the daughter and son were going on a field trip or something for their school. Anyway, the next miracle. This one absolutely does not make sense to me. But I realized after it happened that, we can’t explain miracles. God gives them to us not as a reward or because we wanted them, but He gives them as a tender gift and also to help us fulfill His purposes and because we exercised our faith in Him.

So this past saturday we had a big day with lots of appointments. We were going to go to a bunch of less-actives houses; teach 2 lessons with members and a bunch of other stuff. Throughout the day, every single one of our lessons fell through. But we still had one left. We struggled throughout the day to fill in the spots. We had backup plans, but those fell through as well. Everything we thought of that we could do, fell through, or we weren’t able to do. So, we were left to proselyte(전도) for hours upon hours. We walked up and down the downtown many times and we didn’t really find anyone that was interested. Then we got a call. It was our last appointment. He said he couldn’t meet…so after the call, my companion looked at me and we just sighed and sat on one of the benches in the middle of downtown. We sat and didn’t say anything to eachother for a minute or two. Then Elder Rice said after a while, “Why don’t we pray?” So we prayed. We prayed to know where we were supposed to go, what we were supposed to do, anything really. As we finished praying, we looked at eachother and we asked if we got any inspiration, nothing. Then a man came up to us, as if he came from nowhere, and asked if we were missionaries. We said yes, then he continued to say that he was going to go to America in a year, wants to know english, knew that we taught english and that he wants to go to our church!! We stood there dumbfounded and I’m sure we looked pretty lost to say the least! We were almost at a loss of words. We exchanged phone numbers and said that he wanted to meet with us the next day!! He said goodbye and walked off. We just stood there. Smiling. The fire of missionary work roared in our hearts from that moment on. We almost jumped for joy and I said a prayer in my heart, thanking God for this miracle. God never leaves us alone. He always is mindful of us. He knows our thoughts and our pains. And He will always answer your prayer. In however way He decides to answer, He WILL answer your prayer. It must always be in faith though, knowing He will answer you. I love missionary work! Like I said before, I’ve seen miracle everyday so far, and I know I will continue to see one every day for the rest of my mission, even the rest of my life. However big or small it may be. I thought of Alma 26:27 and Moroni 7:26-29 after this happened. I’ll let you read it, it changed my perspective and comforted me and lifted me up even higher when I read it.

Anyway, I love you all. Look for the miracles in your life everyday. They happen, I promise. Be safe and you’re all in my prayers! I love you!

Your missionary,
스미스 장로
Elder V. LeVan Smith

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