Feb. 23 2013

Ok so this is probably going to be the last letter in a while. That’s because I leave in 2 days(!!!!!). And I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to write you when I get to Korea. So don’t freak out, I’ll be fine, and I’m almost positive they let us call you once we get into Korea just to let you know we got there safely, but once again, I’m not positive, I’m almost positive. Anyway, so I’m going to be calling you on the conference line at 11 am Mountain Home time. So what’s going to go down is this: I’m going to put in a quarter and call Mom’s cell number just to make sure that someone is there. I’m not entirely sure what the exact time I’ll be calling, but my plane lands in San Fran at 9:45 Pacific Time so I just rounded up to the hour assuming that it’ll take awhile to get off the plane. So, I expect to be on the conference line at 11am Mountain Home time.

I’m super excited to get to Korea! It’s been fun at the MTC and I’ve learned a TON, but I want to get out and do some real work. I’ve been sitting at the edge of my seat for a while now, and finally I can get up, do some work and have my mind blown and feel utterly over my head in everything. It feels sorta like a belly flop…so first, you’re at the top of the diving board getting ready for the blow, standing at the edge ready to jump. Then you finally jump off……..WHAM!! You hit the water and you had no idea that it was going to hurt that bad, but as you continue to swim the pain slowly goes away and you get to have fun. That’s sorta what I’m expecting it to feel like. Once I get into Korea, all I’ll see is a sea of black hair, it smells like garlic and kimchi and have NO IDEA what ANYONE is saying! Haha! But, I guess we’ll see…

Anyway, I’ll talk to ya’ll soon! I’ll keep you updated on everything I can.

Oh! So my branch President here at the MTC is Pres. Shin. He’s a native korean along with his wife. He’s so awesome! And guess what?? He’s going to be the new Daejeon Mission PRESIDENT!!! AND….there’s a new mission in KOREA!!! Korea Seoul South mission. Isn’t that awesome?! Anyway, talk to you soon.

Elder V. LeVan Smith

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