Feb. 5 2013

So this week has gone by extremely fast! Everything is just speeding by. I think it’s because the 한국사람(Koreans) just got here. They came in yesterday in waves of 2 or 3 at a time. We have 15 Native Koreans now in our zone. They’re really funny! It was so fun yesterday, a couple of them were in our classroom and Elder Chow wanted to roleplay investigator with them. Sooner or later, all of the class was involved. It was so fun, all of it was in Korean! And I understood basically all of it! It was soooo cool! Korean is really a beautiful language, I’m glad I have the privilege to speak it and to teach with it to the Koreans. It is so fun to teach our progressing investigators whose names are: 김현식 and 배근신. They are our teachers playing the part of the investigators, but it’s still really awesome to teach them!

So my companion and I are getting along a lot better now. We’ve figured out eachother and have gotten used to eachother. It was so cool yesterday, he and I were teaching 김현식 and our teacher challenged us to use no notes. We were really hesitant at first but as we prepared, we started getting more and more confident in our teaching. So we go in there, still not really confident in ourselves and I’ll just have to say that that lesson was the best lesson that we have taught so far in the MTC. The Spirit was so strong and we were just talking to him and figuring out what his needs were and working it out with him, having him come closer to Christ on his own. It was awesome, and now we know that we can do any lesson with no notes!

So one of my previous teachers, Sister Wadsworth, has 2 sisters who sent in their mission papers on the same day. They just got their calls last week on the same day. So Sister Wadsworth served in Seoul and so one of the sisters wanted so bad to serve in Korea. So the other sister opened her call first, and guess where it was? Korea, Busan. So the one sister who really wanted to go to Korea felt a little jealous and said that she should’ve opened her call first, but anyway, she eventually opens her call and guess where?? KOREA, Daejeon!! So Sister Wadsworth just started freaking out when she heard where both of them were going! Haha! So I’m excited to see her sister in Daejeon, sister wadsworth was our favorite teacher. Anyway, I am so excited to go to Korea! It’s getting closer and closer by each passing moment and I can’t wait. Whenever I talk to the Koreans, I get more excited. Anyway, Oh! about the audition. So, you’re probably wondering how I got a hold of my arrangement of "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" huh? Well…I really wanted to do it and I knew I had it on my email in PDF form, so I got on to my email briefly just to print it off. I know it was against the rules, I’ll repent, but we got it copied onto good paper(it was so exciting to have it on actual music paper bytheway, I’ve never had one of my songs like, official.Haha!) Anyway, we got it copied and I gathered the finest singers in the zone and an amazing piano player, and we practiced it. Oh my goodness, these elders are amazing. They are perfect singers, and they memorized it in just 2 days and auditioned on the 2nd day! Let me tell you, my heart was full when we sang that song. It reminded me a lot of when we did it as brothers and father. To hear that song again was so touching, it was totally "my element" and I haven’t been in "my element" in forever it seems like. Anyway, we auditioned and it was a "Yes!". That means that they will schedule a performance for us for one of the devotionals! I’m pretty sure it was just like the one that Spencer performed in, but I could be wrong. Each devotional, the entire MTC and I’m pretty sure all the other MTCs, see it. Oh! Did you hear about the new MTC opening up? They just announced it. It’s going to be in Mexico city. They’re modifying the big, church-run high school that is there. Apparently it is going to be the 2nd biggest MTC. It’s going to relieve the Provo MTC of most of its Spanish speaking missionaries I think. Anyway, I thought that was cool. I haven’t really got a lot of letters from the brothers these past few weeks. I know you’re busy. You’re awesome though.
I tried to get some more pictures to you guys, but it’s hard because you can only send a couple at a time, at most 2 or 3. So sorry about no pictures. Oh well, I think I’m going to send home a memory card with all my pictures on it.
Anyway, I’ve got to go. Hope to hear from you soon!


Elder V. LeVan Smith
스미스 장로

P.S. Happy Birthday: Dad! Eric! Genevieve! And happy birthday to those coming up!!

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