Jan. 29 2013

Hello!! Wow this week has been very emotionally wishy washy. So the new elders came in last week on Wednesday, that meant that I and the other Zone Leader had to show them around the MTC campus and make them feel at home basically. So, on Wednesday, we did what’s called Missionary Hosting. Which is basically just welcoming the new elders on the curb, taking their bags and getting them situated in the MTC. I always love doing it and this time I was extra excited to do it cause I knew that the New Korean elders were coming in. So I was super pumped to get to see some of the new elders, maybe. So for the entire time I’m hosting, I don’t get a single elder going to Korea. I was almost done, I thought I should just go back, but I decided to do just one more. And guess what? It was a Korean elder! i was really excited! His name is Elder Omer, and he’s from Burley and he knows my companion! Anyway, so come thursday, I and Elder Leavitt(other Zone leader) had to give an orientation to them on companionships and what not. I was really stressed out about it. I don’t know why, but I was. So in total there was 41 missionaries that came in. I’m still tryin to get all of their names, it’s hard to get that many names in a few days time. I know all their faces though. Anyway, while all this hubbub with the new missionaries was going on throughout the week, my companion and I were still trying to work out our differences. It was really frustrating at some points, so I had to vent to my district leader about it, and how we could remedy the problem. I gained a lot of insight and learned to truly have charity, or the pure love of Christ for him. I’ve figured that with the kind of person that he is and the kind of person I am, the way to have a connection is through love. Just really trying to do whatever is possible to help him. I’ve found that when I show my love, or charity, he responds differently and treats me more kindly. I’m sure that he’s trying to find out how I work too. So if we both work on our flaws, we work well together. So to wrap up what I’m trying to say, this week I saw the results of our labors. Yesterday, we taught one of our investigators. We had a lesson plan that we were going to follow, and what we were going to say and what not. We go into the lesson ask him a couple questions about God and what he believes, then he gives us a curveball. So we had to go totally off of our lesson and notes. So we look at eachother, close our binders and turn to talk to him, working in unity to teach him about prayer. Originally we were going to talk about prophets and the restoration. So anyway, throughout the lesson, I’m realizing that this is the best lesson that we have taught so far. So once we’re done with the lesson, we turn to eachother and realize that that was the best lesson we’ve taught. I’m positve the Spirit was guiding us the entire way through that lesson, but I learned something, teach the person and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ applies to them, not just the lesson. Our purpose is to bring others closer to Christ. Not to shove them into the Gospel. We’re bringing them, leading them by their hand like you would a child, into the fold of their Savior. I would encourage all of you who are reading this to think about what your purpose is. Ponder why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is important to you, how it has changed your life. What we can do to come closer to the Savior and feel His love for you. Love can change anything. It changes lives, it heals wounds and it rescues those who are lost. "As I have loved you, love one another. This new commandment, love one another. By this shall men know, ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." I love all of you, I’m concerned for you, but it will never match up with the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for you.

하나님께서는 우리를 사랑합니다.

Elder V. LeVan Smith

스미스 장로

P.S. sorry this letter is so short, I have to go practice for "Lord I would Follow thee"(my arrangement) I printed it off and some elders and I are going to audition for one of the devotionals.

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