Jan. 15 2013

Whoah, I’m glad everything is Ok with Mom, it could’ve been a lot worse if it was someone different. It makes me happy to know that there are still good people in the world who take responsibility. And remember Mom, "Everyone’s an Idiot!" Haha!! Not saying that the person was an idiot so to say, just their driving =). Anyway, the other night on Sunday, we had one of the uppety-ups from the media department of the Church, Michael Hemingway, speak to us. He was talking about the beginnings of the church and how the missionary work was done, or rather, how the word was spread to some of the well-known people in the beginnings of the church. So he went on to tell us about how we, as humans make social networks, and by these networks we have a wonderful tool to use in missionary work. Nowadays, we have what’s called, "Facebook" and just think about how many connections we have on there and think about how many non-member friends we have on there. He joked about talking to the church(at least I thought he was joking…) about making facebook accessible to missionaries. Anyway, what he challenged us is, after we get home from our mission, use that wonderful resource in sharing with others the wonderful news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And it doesn’t have to be some big thing you do, just post your testimony or something like that. So I extend that challenge to all of you, use your resources that God has given us, and do your part in sharing with others what you treasure and what makes you happy!

Well this week was the bye-bye week for the older districts. We’re all going to miss them, but they were WAY excited to get out into the field. But one of the elders’ mission is in LA, and he doesn’t head out until this wednesday so he’s staying with us and hanging out with us until he departs. His name is Elder Craner, he’s from Arizona and he’s a pretty funny guy! But he was in the district at the end of everything, end of the residence hall, end of the classroom hall, end of the dining table, etc so we weren’t able to really get to know him before. It’s too bad cause he’s really cool. Anyway, so about the Zone leader thing, it takes away all my time from everything, but somehow I find times to do things and get things done. So this week, Brother Pendley, our teacher, pulled me aside and talked to me about all the new missionaries that are going to come in in the next week and saying how we need to step up on our SYL(Speak Your Language) and really set the bar high for the new missionaries. We’ve sorta slacked on that, but tonight, we’re going to get together and talk about it as a Zone. So, I have to tell you guys a funny story that’s been happening over the past couple weeks. So my roommates and I do something that we call, "Pillow Talk". You can only imagine what I mean by that, what it is is after Lights Out at 10:30, they like to talk for a couple minutes about whatever. But sometimes they can get a little carried away, so a long time ago, I tried something, something that I never realized would take off like it did. So they were talking and I was tired and I could tell that all of them were tired but didn’t want to hush-up. So, believe it or not, I started singing. I started singing my favorite "lullaby" song, "Scarlet Ribbons" and so I didn’t stop because I could tell that they liked it, and once I was done, they didn’t say a single word. Haha!! It was really funny, they’re a bunch of saps! And these elders are like the manliest guys I know, and they were purring like kittens once I was done! But i didn’t know all the words, so Mom Dad, could you send me the lyrics in your next letter? That would be awesome, also "Beautiful Dreamer", that one is my companions favorite. So now they request a lullaby whenever they can’t hush-up! Anyway, i need to go to Devotional, Apparently there’s a general Authority coming, everyone’s saying Bednar, but you never know…anyway, I send you my love and have fun! Don’t worry about me, just basically the same stuff everyday, I swear, I feel like I’m eating 24/7!

Elder V. LeVan Smith

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