Jan 8th 2012

Talk about a crazy week!! It went like this:

1. So on tuesday, everyone in the MTC was freaking out about a stomach virus that was going around. I thought that it wasn’t a very big deal, but then I realized how FAST it was spreading. By the next day it was like the plague/ghost town. Basically everyone was sick. They had to cancel the MTC devotional on tuesday and broadcast it into the classrooms. BUT since I wasn’t sick, I was able to go into the room where the speaker was speaking. And it was way cool because it was a member of the Seventy that was a Korean! But even cooler is that he personally invited all of the Koreans to sit in the very first few rows along with our Branch President, who is also a Native Korean. He was a really good speaker and in the middle of his talk, he had everyone that was in the room to stand up and sing, "I am a Child of God." The first verse was just him and his wife and all the Korean Elders. We sang it in Korean, then the next verse was everyone else in their language they were studying, then the last verse was everyone and we sang it in English. It was SO cool! I love singing hymns in Korean, it is truly a beautiful language! Anyway, I thought I would get away with not catching the virus, but I thought wrong. I was secluded to my bed for a whole day and I felt like I missed a week of learning. But after I received a blessing from the elders in my room, I was way better the next day. It was so cool to feel the power of God through those wonderful elders. They are like brothers to me. I actually see a lot of characteristics of you guys in them.

2. On wednesday when I was secluded to my bed, one of the Elders in my room, Elder Chow, wanted to break a gym record for sit-ups. it was amazing how much he was able to do! The total count was: 470!! He’s a stud! We always make fun of him because he has such defined abs, we call them, "Chedda’ Shredda’ Abs". Because one of the elders in our zone said, "Man, those things are so defined I could shred cheese on those!" Anyway, so after he got back from breaking this record, he went back to the room and while he was changing, he basically lost control of his muscles in his core. So I’m laying in bed and then I just see him fall to the ground out of nowhere! It was a little hilarious! But then the next day, we were in class and he started complaining about his head. How he was having a hard time concentrating and a headache. So he and his companion went to the health clinic to get checked out. About 30 min later, they come in and say that they have to go to the E.R.! Apparently when he fell, he hit his head on the concrete floor and got a concussion. Ouch. He’s okay now, but it was a little scary at the time.

3. So on Sunday, they had to call new assignments because the older districts are leaving next tuesday. So while we were studying one of the Branch Presidency pulled me aside and asked if I would serve as one of the new Zone leaders! Now, you have to understand what’s going to happen in the future for our zone. On I think Jan. 25th, we are getting 45 or something new missionaries. Then a week later we get 15 or so Native Korean missionaries! That doubles the size of our Zone as of right now! Of course I accepted the call, but the thoughts that were going through my head just flooded my brain. Talk about a lot of responsibility! Watching over that many missionaries is almost a little insane, for me. Thank heavens we have awesome district leaders that take a lot of the responsibility, but still, it’s a LOT of missionaries!

So that was a brief summary of my week, pretty insane huh? I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in the future. Mom, Dad, sorry I didn’t say anything about your letter last week. I was in the process of writing a hand-written letter, but didn’t have a lot of time to send it. Sorry. Thank you everyone for all the letters! I love getting letters. But sorry if I don’t respond for a long time, I barely had time before to write any letters, and now that I’m a Zone leader, I’ll have even less time to write. Oh, can someone tell me when Kody Ogaard reports to the MTC? I might be hosting missionaries when he comes in and I might even host him. Anyway, I love you all and keep sending those letters! I’ll try to write as much as I can, and about photos, I keep on forgetting to ask one of the elders if I could borrow their card reader. I’ll send them ASAP. Anyway, talk to you soon!

Elder V. LeVan Smith


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