Happy New Year!! Jan. 1st 2013

It’s already 2013??? Wow! Everything just keeps on flying by. So, where did I leave off…oh yeah. Christmas!! So after I emailed last time, we had an MTC-wide Talent Show. They had some good talent, one of them was a pair of twins that were pianists. They did Hungarian Rhapsody #2. On one piano, instead of 2. It was hilarious! When they finished, everyone roared and gave them a standing ovation! They were probably the best act. Anyway, after all that, they let us watch my favorite movie…."It’s a Wonderful Life"!!!! I love that movie, and everyone LOVED it. Most of my roommates have never seen it. So they were very pleased with it.

So Christmas was one of the best Christmas’s that I’ve ever had! Not to put you guys down, but I truly had a very merry Christmas! And I hope all of you did as well! So, in this past week a bunch of funny things happened. One of my dorm’s "traditions" is "Story Time"!! We hold story time every night before Quiet time. I guess it’s a little against the rules to hold group gatherings, but we do it anyway. So this past story time, I told the famous "Pink Scarf" Story. Those who have heard it, know that it is a golden story to tell! So I told the story and they were laughing and laughing so hard. It was awesome! Another funny thing that happened, is yesterday at gym time, i didn’t know what to do. So I went with some other elders and sisters up to the track. And their plan was to speed-walk for a couple rounds around the track. I thought to myself, "That sounds ridiculous…" But I went along with it just because, you know, that’s me. Doing ridiculous things. So, we start speed-walking, and let me tell you, it was surely a sight to see! If you were to look at us, you would’ve cracked up! Just imagine, a bunch of elders and sisters walking around the track like a bunch of grandmas! (No offense Grandma. =P ) But I had no idea that speedwalking hurt so much! It really works your calves and shin muscles and thighs!! It really BURNED! Anyway, I thought that was really hilarious.

So yesterday, we lost one of our teachers…=( So at the end of the day when we had to say goodbye, we sang "God be with you till we meet again" in Korean. It was really cool. She was our first "Investigator", her name is Sis. Wadsworth. She’s hilarious! So we were sad that she had to go. Another cool thing that happened, was last night in our classroom building. Since it was New Year’s Eve, We decided to sing some hymns, me and my district. So we went through the Korean Hymnbook and sang a bunch of songs. Then other peolple in our zone down the hall joined in. It sounded pretty cool. Anyway, i’m not a very fast typer so this is all can say for now cause a bunch of elders are waiting on me. I hope you all have a good New Year and make the best of it. I sure will!

Elder V LeVan Smith

P.S. if you want to say "Happy New Year" in Korean it’s pronounced, Seh-Bohk-Mah-Nee-Ba-Du-Say-Yoh. (Once again, I’m not on a computer that types in Korean…darn it!)

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