Week 2?

Talk about a full week! I don’t even know how long I’ve been here. It feels like forever yet time flys by so quickly. I don’t even know if that made any sense…haha! Anyway, SO much has happened since the last letter, and I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to get it in one letter! So last wednesday, 4 elders and 1 sister came in from Korea. They’re all really funny and can speak really good english. And what’s funny is that 3 of the elders and the sister, their last name is all "Lee" HAHA! it’s really funny when we want ot talk to them cause whenever we talk to them, you have to correct yourself and say their first name with their last name so they can tell who you’re talking to. OH spencer! So the entire week I was asking around for Danny and I finally found him! ironically he’s in the same building as us, and actually just basically across the hall. So we talked and i told him about the disneyland thing and everything. He’s really cool and apparently and very good teacher. Anyway, also yesterday, Dad, I was in line for Dinner and i overheard an elder talking and i heard, "Van Wagenen". My ears perked up and i went over to the elder and told him that I’m related to the Van Wagenens. After talking, we discovered that we are both related to Halmagh? Van Wagenen!! it was so cool. He’s from South Jordan I think. Anyway, I thought that was really cool. SO, about korean…talk about the Gift of Tounges! It is so awesome and so hard! We’ve learned how to pray and bear our testimony. Now i can bless my food in under 30 seconds. Before, by the end of the prayer, my food would be ice cold! Haha, anyway, My vocab is getting larger and larger everyday, but my grammar is the key thing I have to work on because there are markers that you have to insert into korean that specify whether or not it’s the subject or the object, or the Secondary subject. And they all are different depending on whether or not it ends with a consonant or a vowel. I wish I could write some korean for you guys, but this computer I’m using doesn’t allow you to. I’m sure sooner or later i’ll be able to type some out to you.

Thank you for all the letters and presents! On christmas eve, the elders in my district and I had a "party". They just opened their presents and we all had a good time! Anyway, Today we had the big Christmas Devotional. And guess who was the main speaker?? Russell M. Nelson! he was so inspirational. But he also crushed all the rumors about missionaries getting call letters to china. So just tell everyone that spreading that rumor that it’s not true. Because, he quoted Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley on missionary work, "We always come into a country through the front door." There were alot of rumors about that floating around here. But anyway, i got a new teacher in addition to my previous one! Her name is Sister Wadsworth. And guess what, the "investigator" we were teaching, guess who that was? Sis. Wadsworth! She’s really cool and short! Haha! Now guess what, now we’re supposed to teach 2 investigators! You can only guess who they are…well they’ll be playing the part. The first week I was having a hard time adjusting to my companion. But through our struggles, we have learned to love eachother. It’s very hard taking on these responsibilites and making goals for yourself and keeping those goals. But I’ve learned that planning EVERYTHING really helps. It helps you really focus and push yourself. Anyway i have to go, sorry i wasn’t able to send pics yet, I don’t have a card reader that works, but i’ll figure something out. Anyway, I hope all of you had a wonderful, Merry Christmas!!!

Your Elder,

Elder V. LeVan Smith

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