My First Letter!!

Annyoung Hasaeyo!!

Wow! My brain has exploded. Everything has been shoved into my brain and I don’t know what to do with it. Let me tell you about my first week:

Day 1-6? The very first day we were in a class and learning Korean. Korean is flippin awesome!! But it’s so hard. So the first day, I walk into class after all the other orientation, and the teacher is teaching in Korean. So you have to figure out from his flailing arms what he’s trying to get across to us. But it is so AMAZING how much the Lord blesses you. You can truly see the gift of tounges throughout the days. But that doesn’t mean it comes easy…Aigoo…(that means "oh my", but the 1st golden rule is not to romanize Korean…)Anyway, it doesn’t come easy. At all. The first few days were probably the hardest days of my life so far. We were assigned an "investigator" to teach and her name is Kim Gyun. OH! I forgot to tell you about my companion. His name is Elder Alex Hakes. Ironically, he’s from Idaho too. His family is very well off and live in Burley. It freaks me out cause he looks A LOT like Spencer. He’s really cool. The first week he sorta had a homesickness problem, but he got over it. He’s sorta a sporty guy, like he did football and stuff. Anyway, when we were teaching Kim Gyun, our second lesson we totally confused her and we were getting pretty frustrated with each other. But through the Lord’s help, we are now getting along pretty well.

So sunday we had sacrament meeting. Most of it was in Korean. It was hilarious cause when we were singing the hymns, all of the Elders around us were singing pretty well and saying everything pretty much perfect. But me and my companion and everyone else in our district were like mumbling the words and when we came across a word we could read, we sang it really loud. It was really funny! What was really cool and very touching to me was how the Koreans take and pass the sacrament. Whenever Koreans take or recieve something, like a handshake or something important, like the sacrament or a Book of Mormon, they take it with their hand and with the other hand they hold their elbow representing they’re recieving or giving it with their entire body/self. It was very touching to me. I almost cried. I have a feeling that I’m going to have a wonderful time in Korea.

I haven’t really been homesick. Not that i don’t miss you guys, but I know that it’s not something I should focus on. I’ve been really happy and singing all the time! And all the Elders/Sisters in my district always ask how I can be so happy all the time! They told me that I should try out for the Special Christmas Devotional on next tuesday. The audition is today. I’m going to try out. You can really feel the Spirit here. Especially at the devotionals and the classes. You learn so much and what you have to work on. My teacher is Pendley Hyoung Jae(that means Brother) so Brother Pendley. It’s really funny cause he doesn’t stop smiling. I don’t think he’s frowned in his entire life! I’ll have to get a picture of him soon. Anyway, he’s really cool and a really good teacher.

The other Elders in my dorm are: Elder Bigler and Elder Chow. Elder Bigler is very spiritual and always has a positive outlook on life. Elder Chow and I really click it seems like. He’s really fun and always sings along with me. He’s what I would call a mutt. Haha! He’s Hawaiian, Chinese, Portugese, Italian, English and something else I think. He’s really funny and always gets my humor. Anyway I think i have to get off, lots of elders are waiting for me to get off. I got all your letters and I love getting letters, but if I don’t respond for a while, don’t fret, I’m just really busy and barely have time to write anything, even in my journal! Anyway, I give you my love and hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas and can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Your faithful, confused Elder,

Elder V. LeVan Smith

P.S. I’ll send pics later, didn’t have time to.

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